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Sell your Reno Property on your terms - as fast or slow as you want... choose from multiple custom offers created just for you. Services are FREE and there’s No Obligation. What do you have to lose?

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Are you experiencing any of the following problems or concerns?

Tired of maintaining a property from far away?
Has your rental business been decimated by Covid-19?
Want to avoid expensive repairs or shady contractors?
Property taxes, insurance & HOA fees becoming too much?
Is there a better use of your capital?
Concerned about the post pandemic economy?
Need to sell a recently inherited property?
Are you facing foreclosure?

Benefits of Selling Your Property to Brent

One Stop Service - Avoid Hassles - Move on with Your Life

Hassle Free - No repairs

How are you going to oversee repairs from afar? Reliable contractors in Reno can be hard to find along with long wait times. Skip the hassles and jump to the front of the line... Brent will buy your house “as is”.

Save Time and Money

No Fees or Commissions. Brent will pay ALL the closing costs and fees. Know exactly how much money you are getting upfront. Save time by skipping the Realtor interview process and avoid chaining yourself to an expensive listing agreement. Build YOUR bank... not theirs.

Custom Built Offers

How is a “one-size fits all” offer supposed to work? Does everyone really want “fast cash”? Brent will present you with a minimum of three offers. From an all cash offer to showing you how to finally put the wealth building power of interest on your side. The choice is yours... it all depends on your needs.

Work with a World Class Team

In order to provide the best service and solutions to property owners in the Reno, Nevada area,  Brent Wilcoxen (a native Nevadan and longtime Reno resident) assembled a team of the best real estate and financial minds in the country. Among his team members are Reno native Christian Reviglio; CPA, and Todd Needly.

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Put Brent's team to work...How can he help you?

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Selling your property to Brent is easy and could be your best route.

For most folks selling property through a real estate agent works fine, but for others it does not. Contributing factors may include:

Time constraints - Brent will present you with multiple offers in 24 hours or less
The cost and uncertainty of repairs - What you don’t know can cost you... dearly! Let Brent take on the costs and risks.
Finding a reliable contractor - Let Brent and his team of local experts do the work.
Paying fewer fees - No commissions, plus Brent will pay all the fees. Keep more money in your pocket.
You are facing foreclosure - Brent’s team has helped many folks facing foreclosure. They aren’t a one trick pony. They have the funds and expertise to help you. Are you really going to put your trust and financial future in a company that may not be able to close the deal?

Selling your property to Brent is easy and could be your best route.

Find out how multiple offers can work for

Complete the form now and get your offers within the next 24 hours. You will receive a fast, fair cash offer as well as offers that build wealth and help solve some of the problems you are facing... whatever works best for you and your


FREE No Obligation

Get multiple offers in 24 hours

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